June 10, 2008


The final posting to the site happens today: it is the exhaustive work of Dr. Robert Van De Castle, co-author of the classic, The Content Analysis of Dreams (1966) and noted dream researcher. It represents the work of many hours of labour on his part, on the part of Editorial Consultant and noted analyst, Dr. Carol D. Warner, and yours truly. Many emails flew threw the ether until the following PDF at last emerged.

Thanks to Robert and Carol for contributing their intelligence and time to this blog.


Thank you to everyone who sent in their dreams (especially those whose dreams I was not able to put up, due to the usual course of events which prevent one from posting everyone's dream). Thanks also to those who covered this site in their blogs and in the paper and on the radio. A big thanks to all the readers of this site, especially those who wrote to me or posted comments. Last but not least, thank you to Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama, without whom we would be dreaming about each other.


I have stopped posting dreams to the site. There are currently 333 dreams posted here, and the rest of life beckons. You are welcome to continue sending dreams to me, but I will do nothing with them. They will collect in a gmail account for future researchers on the State of the Union, should they contact me after my death and wish to know what people were dreaming about during this campaign season.