March 22, 2008


A woman name Jane sent in this dream:

My family was on vacation at an unknown resort and the Obama family was staying there also. We made friends and spent the whole weekend with them cooking out, making beer runs (myself and Michelle Obama) and just talking. I accidentally ran over a mail box on the property and Barack himself helped us rebuild it. My sense in the dream was that he was such a laid back, nice person.

In her email, Jane continues, writing:

It was a very pleasant dream, but here lies the problem: I just cannot vote for the man. I don't know anything about him and feel he has no real experience to lead us. One of my favorite sayings is "stick with the devil you know", so I feel it is my conscience to vote accordingly and I did so in the Texas primary. While it was a pleasant dream, I have had the experience of dreaming about something that looks one way in a pleasant dreaming setting, but when I take on the dream's "advice," it turned out to be wrong.

Others write to tell me that the pleasant dreams they have about Hillary or Barack make them more inclined in that candidate's favor, more likely to vote for them, less hostile toward them.

For some, the dreams seem to have as much, if not more sway than a news story.


Isn't it the case with our attraction to or repulsion from any person we encounter, that mainly instincts beyond our reason and control push us to like and trust or dislike and mistrust? Why wouldn't it be the same way with Clinton and Obama?

March 21, 2008


I really like the asymmetry between the waking mind which analyzes and the sleeping mind which dreams.

March 19, 2008


I added a button allowing people to donate money to the site. In a month and a half I have made $1. That is exactly the right amount for a project like this one to make.


I wonder if Presidents and leaders have always invaded our dreams. Did Americans dream about George Washington? If they did, surely he wasn't going to their house for cookies, or criticizing their shoes. What would the dreams have been like? What did the Egyptians dream about the Pharoah? What did the Jews dream about Moses?


There have been four or five dreams in the past day about Barack and bathrooms... he is in a glass-walled bathroom, he goes to someone's house and he is prevented from using the bathroom, he walks in on someone using the bathroom. About a month ago, there was a dream about Hillary scrounging around in a public bathroom and emerging from the stall with a pineapple.