March 22, 2008


Isn't it the case with our attraction to or repulsion from any person we encounter, that mainly instincts beyond our reason and control push us to like and trust or dislike and mistrust? Why wouldn't it be the same way with Clinton and Obama?

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Anonymous said...'s true, such a touchy, feely process, we don't really know them...still, you build up a track over time...i thought at the beginning that Hillary was unbeatable, that we would be lucky to have such a smart, resilient, world wise president as the leader to our neighbor to the south...but then you watch how Barrack handles himself...bright, articulate, telegenic...and so overwhelmingly reasonable in the face of such trivial attacks...sure we know relatively little about is instinct...but you begin to see the unifying potential of having a real statesman at the will be an expensive boondoggle as they enter their experiment into socialized health care...but there's worse ways to spend their money...say, will you go for lunch with me next time i'm in T.O ; )